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33, Route De Belval
Boite Postale 71
L-4001 Esch-Sur-Alzette

Tel.: +352 57 03 73 - 1
Fax: +352 57 03 73 - 209

More than 100 years of successful procession of slags



Projekt in Spain

Recently CLOOS was entrusted with a project for the processing of slags of electric arc furnaces Next...


Euroslag 2007

The 5th European Slag Conference, organized by EUROSLAG – The European Slag Association Next...

CLOOS implements advanced technologies to provide the quantity of aggregate materials essential to road and civil construction.

During its thorough experience acquired over the years, CLOOS became the number one provider of aggregates and recycling material in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Its principal activities are centered on several strong areas : Next...

Products and services

CLOOS, a company created in 1902 is well known since a long time for its activities in the area of aggregate production, mainly for road construction. Annual production amounts to approximately 2.5 million tons. The company, as contracting partner of ArcelorMittal, is specialized in the processing of the blast furnace and electrical arc furnace Arcstone ® “ slags of the steel manufacturer. In 2001, after a test period of two years, ArcelorMittal also entrusted the company with the treatment and valorization of the residues of the wagons loaded with scrap iron. Next...