Cloos S.A.


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33, Route De Belval
Boite Postale 71
L-4001 Esch-Sur-Alzette

Tel.: +352 57 03 73 - 1
Fax: +352 57 03 73 - 209

CLOOS - Company

CLOOS implements advanced technologies to provide the quantity of aggregate materials essential to road and civil construction. During its thorough experience acquired with the passing of years, CLOOS became “number one” in aggregate material recycling in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Its principal activities are centered on several strong points:

Since 100 years Cloos is serving the Luxembourg market of aggregates

Exploitation of dumps

CLOOS S.A. is a privileged partner of ArcelorMittal with long term contracts for the treatment of blast furnace and electric arc furnace slags. These materials, certified by the Luxembourg Road Administration guarantee a constant quality thus meeting the quality requests of the customers.

Exploitation of natural stone quarries:

CLOOS exploits two types of natural stone quarries natural to know

 In Bridel, a “Luxembourg sandstone” quarry with sands and a range of crushed material.

The same activities are located in “Roche Blanche” (Volmerange-les-Mines) in Luxemburg.

Exploitation of dumping grounds for inert materials

In the dumping grounds of Mondercange and Bridel, CLOOS accepts inert materials coming from earthworks and of demolitions. Progressively, with the exploitation of quarries, CLOOS uses its know-how to decrease the quantity of dumped materials by the means of recycling. The company thus ensures the repairing of the relief of its building sites in the topography of the surrounding natural landscape.

Liquid slag is poured in slag pits


CLOOS recommends the safeguarding of the natural resources by avoiding waste. By simultaneously using economical and ecological thinking, CLOOS manages to reduce the dumped material quantities by increasing the recycling rates. CLOOS owns the essential technical installations to effectively separate materials which can be recycled from those which cannot be revalorized (clays and unproductive lands).

Concurrently to these pillars of “traditional” activities, the company innovates in additional sectors, closely related to its trade of origin:

Treatment of the waste incineration slags.

Treatment of the “waste”, residues of the wagons loaded with scrap iron.