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Recoverable raw material

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CLOOS pays great attention to the environmental protection. Indeed the company takes care to reduce to the maximum the harmful effects (noise, dust) by adapting its installations to the current and specific requisitions of the laws on the environmental protection.

Fight against the noise and dust

Slopes are arranged around our sites of exploitation to avoid inconveniencing the neighboring dwellings by noises or emissions of dust. Thus these harmful effects are confined within the building site itself.

Exploitation transfrontalière

Use of recovered water

The percolation and rainwater is collected and stored in cisterns in order to be used in later applications:

During the production of slag sand-gravel mix, this water is added in given quantity in order to agree with the regulations of the Public Road Administration.

The treated waste incineration slags with a bituminous mix also contain a definite percentage of water coming from the cisterns of recovered water.

Washing of tires

When leaving certain sites of production the trucks pass in special “wheel wash” installations to avoid dirtying the neighboring roads. The rainwater is recovered in order to guarantee the operation of these installations.

Länderübergreifender Abbau

Reduction of the quantities of inert material

Well defined criteria of acceptance make it possible to select the inert material of good quality being able to be recycled and revalorized in the road construction industry.

Material valorization

Various products – which were un-recyclable in the past - are revalorized and reintroduced in the economic circuit. Thus less waste is produced and the old grounds of storage are released.

“SuperDrecksKëscht to fir Betriber”

CLOOS have obtained the quality control mark “SuperDrecksKëscht fir Betriber”. The internal management of waste is carried out according to the regulations' of SuperDrecksKëscht and in preoccupation with a constant quality.

A permanent follow-up is carried out by the respective persons in charge for CLOOS in order to guarantee a continuous and effective protection of the environment.