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Video dated: 16.10.2008

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Projekt in Spain


Recently CLOOS was entrusted with a project for the processing of slags of electric arc furnaces (EAF - “Arcstone” ®) of ArcelorMittal in Spain. With its partner, the Spanish company Ekonor S.A. (FCC AMBITO), CLOOS took part in the tender launched by ArcelorMittal on the subject. Until then, the Spanish units of ArcelorMittal had simply dumped this by-product of the iron and steel industry. Thanks to the know-how of CLOOS, Spanish slags of the electric arc furnace will from now on be processed in order to be commercialized and used in the road network and in other construction works in Spain.

In a first step EAF resulting from three sites of production of ArcelorMittal (approximately 400.000 tons/year) will be centralized in Zumarraga to be processed and upgraded.

Negotiations are currently being conducted between the partners (ArcelorMittal/FCC Ekonor and CLOOS) and should soon lead to a final contract.