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Production steps

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33, Route De Belval
Boite Postale 71
L-4001 Esch-Sur-Alzette

Tel.: +352 57 03 73 - 1
Fax: +352 57 03 73 - 209

Products and services

CLOOS, a company created in 1902 is well known since a long time for its activities in the area of aggregate production, mainly for road construction. Annual production amounts to approximately 2.5 million tons. The company, as contracting partner of ArcelorMittal, is specialized in the processing of the blast furnace and electrical arc furnace Arcstone ® slags of the steel manufacturer.

Besides the company developed and put into practice a unique procedure for the valorization of burn cinders resulting from the burning of household waste in incineration plants. After a specific treatment the product is used in the road construction. Thus it became possible to recycle and valorize a product, which up to then was simply regarded as waste.

In addition CLOOS operates sandstone pits in Luxembourg and in Germany, as well as two dumps for inert materials in Luxembourg.

CLOOS being very attentive to the steady quality of their products and materials is supervising them by strict internal and external controls. The granulations of the blast furnace and electrical arc furnace slags are certified by the Laboratory of the Luxembourg road administration. The company is customer-oriented and flexible in the adjustment of its products to the respective requirements for market, owing to the utilization of most modern technologies. In order to protect nature, environmental standards are severely respected on the building sites of the company.

Electric arc furnace slags

The slags of electric arc furnaces, just like blast furnace slag or the ld-converter-slags, belong to the range of by-products, which were generated by the iron and steel industry with the production of steel. They originate from the fusion of scrap iron in the electric arc furnace. Next...

Blast furnace slag

The slag of blast furnace forms part, on the same basis as slags of electric arc furnaces or LD-converters, of the range of iron and steel by-products. It is generated during the manufacture of the cast iron in the blast furnaces and is composed of the gangue of the ore, fluxes and ashes of fuels. Next...

Slag base

The slag base results from the incineration of household rubbish in specialized plants. Their processing and their use in road engineering are somewhat common across Europe. However, the processing used by CLOOS is original and unique: it consists in coating the slag base with bituminous emulsion after crushing. Next...


"Freintes " - WASTE

The "freintes" - waste are the residues of the wagons loaded with scrap iron for the supply of the electric arc furnaces of ArcelorMittal. The delivery of iron scrap to the iron and steel industry is generally made by railroad wagons. However, the process of unloading these coaches per magnet does not allow to empty them completely. Next...

Other activities

In its quarry in Bridel and on the territory of the former slag pile of Mondercange CLOOS exploits waste dumps for inert material.Next...